Couples, children and families attend a wonderful evening filled with community walks, arts and crafts and much more at Dalton event.

Yesterday night, Monday, July 19 Dalton Arts, Culture and heritage (DACH) group held an event to help get the community together and take part in arts and crafts to create a sense of place in Dalton.

The event which was helped run by DACH was organised by local artist Danielle Chappell Aspinwall as part of the Artful Ways Cumbria project which looks at Celebrating and Mapping connections between people, place & creativity in Cumbria.

Ron Creer, leader of DACH said overall it was a really fun, exciting day.

"It was such a good event.

"Everyone from young kids to adults were just smiling and dancing away.

"We tried to invite different groups of people and ask them to come to the market place for six pm.

"Then in small groups they went off for a walk in the shape of a heart around Dalton.

"We asked them to download app that tracks their walk and while on the walk we gave a leaflet of various questions to think about and for discussion later.

"We wanted them to think about being creative and connectivity - what they missed during lockdown. About place, how can they care for their environment and community.

"After they finished their walk we discussed their answers and then listened to the Dalton town band play outside the church.

"It was a beautiful evening of around 30-40 people from the community together in an even more beautiful location at the heart of Dalton."

Barrow Mayor, Helen Wall who attended the event as a friend for Danielle said: "These events are really important, excuse for people to get together and to talk, which is good for peoples mental and physical health.

"It makes a community more together and it’s lovely."