READERS have been rejoicing after Barrow AFC announced a U-turn on plans to make Holker Street a cashless venue for the 2021/22 season.

The club revealed the proposed changes on Friday and announced Barrow Eats as a new matchday partner, but the move to a cashless stadium led to a mixed reaction from supporters.

The Bluebirds Trust came out in opposition to the plans and the club confirmed on Saturday that cash will still be accepted at refreshment kiosks on a matchday, the club shop and the ticket office from Monday to Friday.

Barrow AFC apologised to fans ‘for the concerns caused'.

Reader Anthony Perkins posted: “And so they should. Not everybody uses cards or uses them all of the time either.”

Stephen Watson said: “Personally I prefer cards. The amount of cash I lose either car or behind sofa is stupid.”

Stephen Snell said: “Result for people power.”

Leisa Walker-Denmark said: “I should think so too. Alienating those who prefer cash or don’t use cards wasn’t going to get anywhere – even with contactless we still sometimes have to touch pads.”

Barrow94 said: “I understand the backlash and this was probably too extreme a move.

“However I can see this ultimately becoming the norm moving forward.

“Physical currency is becoming more and more obsolete. I genuinely can't remember the last time I paid for anything in cash at all – it was probably pre-Covid.”