READERS have reacted angrily after Barrow AFC announced that Holker Street will become a cashless venue.

The club said it made the decision in line with government guidelines, which strongly advise that organisations encourage cashless payments to avoid cross contamination.

Therefore no cash will be accepted for any purchases made within the stadium, ticket office, club shop or any other outlets.

The club has linked up with specialists FairFX to provide flexibility to younger fans or those who may not have access to their own debit or credit cards.

The FairFX Currency Card will be accepted inside Holker Street, allowing parents or guardians to pre-load money on to the card

Dale Brian Taylor said: "Why when our government has spent thousands of pounds on the new pound note i.e £5 £10 and £20?

"Some people like me doesn't use cards only cash. Plus who wants to pay by card for a brew or pie? So absolutely not even our pensioners mostly use cash."

Martyn Taylor said: "Makes perfect sense. Cash will cost the club to put in the bank."

Katherine Herbert said: "Martyn Taylor it will eventually cost them more alienating supporters."

Stephen Snell said: "Absolutely not.

"Emlyn Hughes would be turning in his grave to hear that his home towns football club is denying its supporters access to fixtures because they don't have a credit or debit card.

"The fixit card they are promoting to use must be topped up by a minimum of 50 quid. How many people have that amount spare??? Wonder if directors of club thought this out fully?"

Stuart Akister said: "Stephen Snell what a bizarre statement to use Emlyn Hughes rather than actual bona fide Barrovian Barrow AFC legend."

Colin J Blythe said: "Do they think they are a premier club, they are in a working class town not a yuppie city."