READERS have had their say after McDonald’s issued a statement regarding litter concerns in Ulverston.

Plans to open a McDonald’s have been in the works for more than two years.When plans were first brought to South Lakeland District Council, there were 157 letters of objection, plus 47 letters and a petition in support.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “To help combat litter, the restaurant team carries out at least three litter patrols a day, as do all of our restaurants across the UK.”

They also said staff are handed a patrol route which includes details of “potential litter hotspots”.

Reader Linda Barker posted: “Yes but the litter won’t just be restricted to that area. It will be all over the place – lay-bys, Ford Park, chucked out of cars etc.”

Patricia Andrews said: “Adding number plates on takeaway bags might help!”

Katja Saskia Elizabeth said: “But what do we do about people who walk in and take stuff out and litter?”

Barrow Insider said: “It’s not only the litter that will ruin the character of Ulverston, it’s the restaurant itself.”

Flea Lions said: “The Golden Arches of Ulverston will be a sight to behold, the sooner the better.”

Furness Abbot said: “It’s not the company’s fault that we live amongst dirty people with no respect and who treat our streets as a personal on-demand bin.”

Whipplesnaith said: “McDs will keep the area round their outlet clean and tidy. It’s the places ten minutes drive away which will suffer as their customers discard the incredible quantity of packaging that comes with a single meal.”