Conservationists and landowners are celebrating another successful nesting season for ospreys in South Lakeland.

Six osprey nests, assisted by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), have successfully bred 15 chicks- meaning the project has recorded 55 chicks in four years.

All the osprey chicks have now been given an official British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) leg ring, so that they can be monitored for conservation reasons over the coming years.

Mike Thornley, BASC north regional officer and osprey project lead, said: “This season has been a complete success.

“As well as six nesting pairs rearing a total of 15 chicks, we have also had more immature ospreys in the area searching for future partners, including two pairs building nests which will hopefully lead to breeding successes next year.

“The Lake District has become a hub of activity for the osprey and through our outreach project, landowners and locals are revelling in the success.

“It will not be long until these young chicks begin their epic migration to West Africa for the first time. A journey they incredibly take on their own. We will be wishing them well and looking forward to their triumphal return in a few years.

“For the next six weeks if you wish to see one of these magnificent birds then head to Esthwaite Water Café, Hawkshead, near Ambleside. They offer osprey safari boat trips and have a large TV screen with a live stream of the nest."