SWEET Pepper Café in Barrow is expanding its business and needs a new head chef to help run the kitchen.

The café, which proudly advertises itself as 'Barrow’s first and only multi-award winning local independent plant-based/vegan café' won't say when or where the new location will open but describes it as "very soon." 

Current head chef Mig Carbonell said: "Anyone can apply.  It's about love and passion.  You can train experience and skills but passion is innate.  You can't train that."

The new venue will specialise in Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine, whereas the current one will focus on American, Japanese and Asian flavours.

They are also looking for two more chefs to help staff the new venture.

Mr Carbonell will take up a 'Director of Operations' role, overseeing both restaurants and is looking within his own kitchen for the head chef of the current restaurant.

"Even now we have one place and we change our menu all the time.  I don't really like being repetitive."

His message to anyone thinking of applying for the job:  "Just go for it.  Experience is nice but we are looking for the passion which lends itself to cooking, so no-one is too inexperienced.  Vegan food is an art and we will provide intense training."

To apply for the jobs, email apply@sweetpepper.cafe.