We asked The Mail readers to let us know where the best place to go is for a Sunday dinner in Furness.

1 The Gables

The Gables Hotel is a popular choice for diners looking for a good Sunday dinner, with The Mail readers expressing their delight at the business.

Sheila Makin said: "Gables in Barrow - lovely desserts to die for and friendly staff."

Elaina McGrevey agreed that the Gables was the place to be, alongside Bernadette Horan, Ange Flemming and Sharron Peachey-Vickers.

2 The Barrow Arms

The Barrow Arms on Cavendish Street was transformed into a gastropub in 2019.

Upon the reopening, owner and chef Michael Ion said: “I promise this will be the best Sunday roast you get in Barrow."

Christopher Tempest, Billy Baird, Charlotte Isherwood and Julie Waddington were among those who agree with the statement.

3 The Orangery Cafe

The Orangery Cafe at St Mary's Hospice serves you a delicious roast, made even better by knowing you are supporting a vital cause.

Lynn Athersmith is one of many satisfied customers at the cafe.

4 The Village Inn

A favourite amongst diners in Newton, The Village Inn claims to have the 'best freshly made food in the area'.

Cheryl Manion, Judith Milburn, and Carol Wilson Thomson are among their number one fans.

5 Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Hotel on Abbey Road, Barrow, is overseen by multi-award winning chef Steven Doherty, so it's no surprise that Garry Glew said they were the best place to head to for a Sunday dinner.

6 Happy Days

Happy Days is a great option for those who'd rather have a Sunday dinner at home without the hassle of cooking.

Eileen Goodwin is a fan of the delivery service which offers up a starter, main and desert, with the main course including their meat of the week with all of the trimmings.

7 The Clarkes Hotel

This Rampside hotel is the place to go according to John Watson-Rigg.

Diners can tuck into their dinner whilst taking in the beautiful views of the Morecambe Bay.

8 The Miners Arms

Caroline Smith claims the number one spot is at The Miners Arms in Swarthmoor.

Karen Nott and Carol Wilson Thomson was in agreement.

The Fox Street establishment serves up food, real ale, and hosts sporting events and live music.

9 The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn on Main Street in Bardsea is a bed and breakfast with a bar, restaurant and beer garden.

Frances Smith said they were the best place to go and visit if you are in need of a great Sunday dinner.

10 Home

Sometimes a good home-made meal is just what's in order.

Phil Rodes said the best place is at his house, whilst Nicola Henry argued that her mum's house is the winner.