CUMBRIA Police have thanked the public for a night of "celebration, socialising, supporting the local economy and commiseration."

Despite significant worry that crowds might cause trouble, just 19 football-related incidents happened across the county.  Additionally, there were no major incidents and no criminal damage.

Superintendent Gaynor Wardle said: “The police would like to thank the community for their support last night. Sunday evening was a night of celebration, socialising, supporting the local economy and commiseration. The majority of the public celebrated in a sensible and respectful way."

This shouldn't go without saying.  There were major police operations in towns and cities across the country, and violence erupted in London throughout the day, as England fans clashed with Italians and each other.

Videos emerged throughout the day on social media of fighting, aggressive chanting and littering in tube stations; public venues like Leicester and Trafalgar squares; and around the stadium itself, where a large crowd stormed the turnstiles and overcame the security staff to break into the stadium ticketless.

However, the scenes were generally much calmer in Cumbrian towns and cities.

Of the 19 incidents, 14 of them took place in Carlisle, where police had closed Botchergate to traffic. 

"The police and partner agencies worked together in the run up to Sunday night to ensure protocols were in place to minimise offenses and keep the public safe. Positive action included, the proactive issuing of dispersal orders; giving the police enhanced powers to ban drunken persons from entering Carlisle town centre for the evening.  The closing of Botchergate to traffic, increased patrols in the city centres and high footfall areas and positive engagement with revellers."

A dispersal order to disallow drunken people to enter the town was also in place in Barrow.  In total, South Cumbria had just two incidents.

The police did not say where the other three incidents were.

"Whilst any crime is unacceptable, the overall perspective was positive.  Those suspected of committing criminal offences were dealt with swiftly and accordingly by officers."

“The acts of a few though, should absolutely not take away from the fact the majority of the public were fantastic and showed what true community spirit is.”