Chef Kevin Tickle, co-owner of Heft in High Newton, and co-founder and head brewer Matt Clarke from Lakes Brew Co in Kendal, have joined forces to create two unique beer pairing dining experiences using seasonal ingredients and seasonally crafted beers.

Serving food with beer is hardly a new phenomenon, with beer always being served alongside food at feasts and celebrations.

Newer to the scene, though, is the notion that beer can be expertly paired with food to create striking flavour combinations.

As it goes, the array of flavours that beer offers are much wider than with wines.

And not only that, with every style brewed come lots of subtle little differences than can be fine-tuned to perfectly match a huge range of foods.

It’s no longer the case that you should stick to the age-old rigid format of porters for roasts, IPAs for curries, Pilsner for salads and bitter for hearty stews.

Matt will join Kevin in August and November, bringing the beer to work with Kevin to create two very distinctive evenings.

Kevin said: “Join us at Heft in either August and November and discover a whole new world of beer as I create two special menus to sit with a selection of seasonal beers chosen by Matt.

"Join us both and discover why beer has become part and parcel of the renaissance in British food, much in the same way that locally-sourced, sustainably-grown ingredients cooked with passion by chefs in kitchens up and down the country have."

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