Readers have had their say after one of the UK’s most isolated pubs reopened its doors, 21 months after serving its last pint.

Based on the small island of Piel and surrounded by seal colonies, the Ship Inn is said to have had a presence on the island for more than 300 years.

On Saturday it will be serving local ales, spirits and a menu of pub favourites as a new team – the Ulverston-based Piel Island Pub Co – takes to the pumps.

Kirsty Ridge, managing director of Cumbrian pub company, Lakeland Inns, is a director of the new business.

Allan Calvert said: “Great to see this old Furness classic reopening. Ace place.”

Christine Thompson said: “Enjoyed a meal on those benches about five years ago with some family members. Did some blackberrying too.”

Kerry Kezzabella Dillon said: “Good luck Kirsty Ridge. Can’t wait to visit and obviously have shots to celebrate.”

Jacqueline Bailey said: “My late dad's favourite place in all the world. Two weeks on Piel whatever the weather.

“His little black tent was usually last tent standing despite rain,storms and gales.”

Dave Caldwell said: “Sorry, not happy.

“Years of tradition have been broken. Who is the king of Piel? Numerous directors? Pub manager, cleaner?

Sheila Rotherham said: “Happy memories of our trips out.

Tracy Bloor said: “Our favourite place.”

Gerald Butler said: “They only seem bothered about the pub, what about the rest of the island.

“Profits will come before maintaining the island. It should be run by someone with passion for the area.

Phil Cooper replied: “The new licensee has several businesses in the area. What’s unusual about setting up a new company to operate a new business, and seeing as they’re local and employ quite a lot of locals how does it follow they have no passion for the area?

“Jealous maybe?”

Nicolas Freeman said: “Not the same since Rod and Karen left.”