Readers have reacted after the submission of a planning application to make changes to the former Co-op unit in Oxford Street, Barrow.

An application has gone into Barrow Borough council to create a new shop front and to install an extra shutter and new disabled ramp, including hand rail.

The name of the applicant has been removed from the planning document, but it is believed NISA plans to supply stock to a new property in Barrow.

Jo Carter said: "Don't understand why you'd close the Coop to put another shop that is owned by the coop in there. Daft really."

Vikki Elizabeth Currie said: "Jo Carter there’s one about five minute walk away."

Jo Carter said: "Vikki Elizabeth Currie I know there's a coop in both directions just doesn't make sense to take away a shop to then put one in that is owned by the company that's been removed."

Jayne Deelay said: "This shop is badly missed by the elderly residents who live round here. Not everyone can manage to walk up the hill to get to Abbey Road."

Sarah Hill said: "Not for the elderly it isn’t five minutes away this co op was always busy."

Kirsty Mullen said: "Good miss having the Co op there."

Alias Roberts said: "I don't think there really needs to be one there. There's one a few minutes walk away.

"Put one up Ormsgill we have nothing up here apart from a local shop.

"It's always busy always have to queue. The next nearest shop is Duttons or Asda which is a 30 minute walk away.

"A lot of people In the area don't drive and rely on buses. A lot of elderly and disabled also depend on the local shop which can be expensive.

"A co-op or Nisa would be much more affordable."

Furness Abbot said: "As there are more cars on our roads and tons of lazy people, surely these premises are no longer suitable for a shop."