BARROW'S former MP has spoken on the potential detrimental impact Scotland leaving the UK could have on the shipyard.

Lord Walney has written in The House Magazine, a leading publication for MPs and Peers, speaking of how if the Scottish National Party get their way and succeed in getting an independent Scotland, it would be detrimental to defence on both sides of the border, and Barrow shipyard.

The issue stems from SNP's no nuclear weapons policy which would mean a new location for the Royal Navy's fleet of Trident missile-carrying submarines that dock at Faslane.

Barrow is often touted as an alternative in the commons, but Lord Walney explains a hugely costly dredging would be required in the port before any subs could make it their permanent home.

Lord Walney said: “Every nation needs to prioritise the massive task of recovery after the pandemic so communities north and south of the border stand to lose out if the SNP gets its way over a holding a time consuming second referendum on independence. And if it ever came to it, Scexit - Scotland exiting the UK - could be hugely destabilising for the submarine programme with inevitable knock-on consequences for Barrow shipyard.

PEER: Lord Walney

PEER: Lord Walney

“Barrow and Scottish ship yards and naval facilities serve the shared defence interests of our countries in distinct but complementary ways.

“That alliance is one of the many reasons why we are better off staying together and prioritising our economic recovery after Covid rather than plunging into a second divisive independence referendum.”