RIGHT-WING flyers distributed to households in Barrow have been branded ‘racist hate speech’ by community figures.

Leaflets from British far-right white nationalist group Patriotic Alternative have been posted through doors across the town causing concern among residents and leaders.

The flyers, which have the headline ‘White Britons to be a minority by the 2060s - or sooner’ printed across the front, are inviting people to join ‘like-minded’ patriotic people.

Founded in July 2019 by the former director of publicity at the British National Party Mark Collett, Patriotic Alternative’s stance has been described as antisemitic, Islamophobic, fascist and racist.

One resident on Goldsmith Street had the flyer posted through his door - and was ‘disgusted’ by the hate speech ‘disguised as patriotism’ inside.

He said: “I discovered the leaflets on Tuesday evening. I’m not sure if they’d been delivered to the whole street but I imagine they had. I just thought they were disgusting, just hate speech thinly disguised as ‘patriotism’.

“I don’t think this kind of far right-wing agenda should be pushed onto people - it’s terrible.

“The group shouldn’t be allowed to hand out this kind of literature.

“I mean as far as Barrow goes I think there is a strong right-wing presence already in the town.

“Last year we saw the huge gathering around Tommy Robinson.

“I think the Government should be doing more to stop this kind of hate speech or at least Barrow council should be looking into who is giving out these leaflets in their town.”

Cumbria Police said they have been made aware of right-wing leaflets circulating around the Barrow area by the local council.

A spokesman confirmed intelligence checks are ongoing and no crimes have been reported.

Simon Fell, the MP for Barrow and Furness, described the leaflets as ‘fit for nothing more than recycling’.

He said: “I will always defend people’s right to speak freely but that does not extend to hate speech. Patriotic alternative have glorified fascism on their social media channels, displayed extreme racism, and denied the holocaust.

“This bargain bin version of the clan do little more than stir up division and hatred and I’m sure folk will see these leaflets as what they are - fit for nothing more than recycling.”

Paul Jenkins, of Unite Against Fascism, said these leaflets will be rejected by the people of Barrow.

He said: “Patriotic Alternative are a Nazi organisation formed by fascist members of the British National Party.

“The majority of people in Barrow are opposed to fascist organisations - they have rejected the BNP and Tommy Robinson in the past and I know they will reject these leaflets too.

“If this leaflet is getting into the territory of hate crime, it is illegal.

“We know that Barrow is a welcoming and multicultural community which celebrates multiculturalism.

“Anti-racists are the majority in Barrow and elsewhere in the UK.

“People know what fascist groups are and what they stand for which I know will be rejected by the people of Barrow.”

Barrow Borough Council confirmed they have reported the matter to the police when alerted by an elected member.