THE MAIL readers have shared their views after a police officer said he was only trying to make sure a man ‘was safe’ when he was assaulted.

An officer from Cumbria police gave an anonymous account of the ordeal that took place last December. He was one of many who were assaulted during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The incident happened when Cumbria police were called out to a report of concern for a man who had been seen lying on the ground in the middle of a street.

They were joined by the ambulance service, who escorted the man home alongside police.

The officer said: “Upon arrival at the address, the male became abusive towards both paramedics and police. We were at his front door and our sole intention was to get inside his home address to make sure that he was safe. He then kicked me causing me to take a step back before he was arrested for police assault.”

Pam Edmondson said: “Disgusting behaviour, our emergency services should not have to put up with this.”

Autumn Jennings said: “No justification.”

Wonderwinger said: “It’s always the same ones and as I often say, far too cowardly to do the job, who will scream like babies when they need the police. Well done that officer and all emergency workers.”

Lisa-Ann Rae reminded others that it is not just the emergency services dealing with abuse. She said: “It’s not just emergency services that have to deal with this kind of abuse. I know many in hospitality who have to deal with the nasty abuse on a daily basis — a major majority of it is never reported to the police because nothing ever comes of it.

“I’ve been spat on and threatened with a punch to the chin. It resulted in me going into a deep state of depression, leaving my job and my anxiety through the roof.”

Ben Lambert responded: “No one should have to deal with it, doesn’t make it any less worse for anyone.”