A COMMUNITY has come together to organise the proper removal of a dead seal that was found at Askam beach recently.

Councillor Ben Shirley was alerted to the issue that he said could have been a 'health hazard' due to its position being very close to the footpaths popular with dog walkers.

Cllr Shirley credited Duddon Inshore Rescue for their role in returning the animal carcass to the sea, noting this is not one of their priorities, but something they did for the greater good of the community.

"Many residents have been making me aware of a seal carcass which had washed up onto Askam beach last week.

"Given the complex location of the animal, unfortunately the council weren’t able to remove it.

"We were faced with a now rotting, deceased animal which was located at a popular location for visitors and dog walkers.

"We get many animals washing up on the shore but this is first time one has come this far in.

"I made contact with Duddon Inshore Rescue who very kindly responded immediately and have released the animal back into the sea with the outgoing tide.

"The DIR crew also tidied up the seal’s final resting place on the shoreline so that it’s now presentable for people to use once again.

"Thank you to the dedicated volunteers of Duddon Inshore Rescue for responding to this unusual request."

If you find a stranded dolphin, porpoise or whale call British Marine Divers Marine Life Rescue hotline on 01825 765546.