READERS have had their say after a fault at a water treatment centre left a 'vile' pong over an area of Barrow.

A spokesperson for United Utilities said the company was aware of recent complaints which appeared to be the result of a temporary fault on an odour control unit coupled with extra activity on site and warm weather.

One resident of Roosecote described the stench as "vile", while councillors Martin McLeavy and Jay Zaccarini said they stood behind residents.

Observer58 said: "This is neither a new or isolated problem. If the wind is in the south east the smell can pervade as far as Risedale. It is a regular occurrence for which UU have no excuse. Come on Martin, please take this up on behalf of the residents. Any new houses built in the proposed development area will have a value of about a tenner. It is not just Westgate and the Vulcan affected it is the whole of South Barrow."

Furness Abbot said: "It's a flaming sewage works. They rarely smell of roses. After eating all those McDonald's what do we expect."

Duncan Mills said: "The estate on the old Roose Hospital site was built long after the sewage works, purchasing gas a house next to it should be considered. Like Norman that bought a house next to a race track and has been lobbying to get it closed due to the noise, be like Norman."

Roofman19 said: "Good enough for the Barra jacks breathe it all in won't kill ya. Vitamins."

Alvin 1066 said: "Who would buy a house in any of those area's smell of faeces at the best of times that's why house prices are cheap."

Publicists said: "This has been going on intermittently for years. Probably since the sewerage works were opened. Unfortunately United Utilities just pay lip service to those that complain knowing full well there is little or no punishment that can be given to them. Maybe contact MP Simon Fell to see if he carries any clout to get this issue permanently fixed."