SMALL pets had their chance to shine when they competed in a virtual pet show, raising funds for Barrow Foodbank.

The show saw furry friends, and even insects, battle is out to win the prizes on offer.

A spokeswoman for Barrow Foodbank said: "In November last year we started a series of virtual events. Our aims were to raise funds and awareness for Barrow foodbank and help give people an online community during the long months of lockdown when many felt isolated, lonely and perhaps struggling with mental health issues.

"Following the success of the Virtual Dog Show, we had a Small Pet Show. This was a lot of fun, everyone enjoyed looking at the variety of photos of the entrants which included a surprising variety of pets – cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish and even ants!

"Funds raised from the show brought the grand total of virtual events to £900."

The best in show winners went to three adorable cats, with Tigger taking first place, Kelton taking second, and Walter in third.

Tigger also took home the Cutest Baby prize, as well as Best Rescue and Most Beautiful Eyes.

Walter the cat took home the Most Handsome award, whilst the Most Adorable Girl went to Queenie the ant.

Queenie also won the Fabulous Family award along with her colony.

Kelton the cat added the Sleekest award, and the Happiest award to his collection.

The Most Pampered award went to Gaston the hamster, and the Best Pet in Water went to Goldeen the goldfish.

The event marked the end of the virtual pet contests, with a in-person dog show planned for September.

The spokeswoman said: "Our next event will move away from virtual to the real world of wagging tails.

"The Barrow Foodbank Family Dog Show is planned for early September and promises to be as great a success as the online events."

The event was sponsored by virtual fayres businesses Pretty Flamingo Boutique, Ambient Paradise, Carrudus Creations and NK Jewellery Designs.

Best in Show winners received Pets at Home gift vouchers, whilst all class winners received rosettes.

For updates on the upcoming Dog Show, head along to the Barrow Foodbank Dog Show Facebook group at: