READERS have responded positively after a major restaurant chain put forward plans to open a branch in Barrow.

Tim Hortons has revealed proposals to open a new store in Hollywood Retail Park.

The chain has so far refused to be drawn on the plans to open in Barrow but said more information would be communicated in due course.

The chain is known for its fresh coffee and baked goods including doughnuts and already has nearly 5,000 outlets worldwide across 14 countries.

The first UK Tim Hortons opened in 2017 and there are now 28 outlets with eight more ‘coming soon’, according to the company’s website.

Mail readers have welcomed the prospect of the chain opening in Barrow.

Robbie Holt said: “Excellent - these are way better than Costa.

“I hope it goes through.”

Lisa Ritch said: “Yes finally proper coffee.

“This stuff gets sold out on their website so happy days for us.

“What’s happening with Pizza Hut though?”

Julie Macmillan Clarke said: “Tim Hortons looks good to be fair.

“It would probably better used than Pizza Hut.”

Anne Lowther said: “If it is Tim Hortons I have died and gone to heaven.

“Best coffee shop by far and their mini doughnuts are to die for.”

Neil Picthall said: “Tim Hortons is fab.”

Shevi Irvine said: “So much better than any other coffee shop.

“Their iced capps and doughnuts are amazing.”

Plans to erect signs for the restaurant chain in Hollywood Retail Park have been submitted to Barrow Council.

They suggest that the new restaurant would take the place of Pizza Hut.

Plans refer to the Pizza Hut space as ‘vacant’, however, the restaurant is still trading.

According to the plans, work to install a drive-thru lane and make alterations to the site would take place if permission was granted.

Pizza Hut has not responded to requests for comment.