A MARKET trader of more than 40 years has said she has ‘loved every minute’ of serving the community.

Susan Dunn has been running Susan Dunn Limited — better known as the Trimming Stall — for 47 years in Barrow Market Hall and has watched the market change throughout its 50-year tenure.

“It’s been great,” said Ms Dunn.

“We’ve loved every minute of doing it.”

The 68-year-old took over the haberdashery stall in 1974 with her mother, Dorris Dunn, when previous owner Mike Richardson retired.

Ms Dunn and her sister, Carole, who also joined the stall owner in the venture, began working as Saturday girls at the haberdashery for Mr Richardson prior to the business moving into the new Barrow Market Hall in 1971.

The sisters are so well known in the town that they say customers have become good friends and they often provide tips and advice to customers on all their crafting and sewing needs.

“They’re not customers, they’re friends because we’ve known everyone for so long,” said Ms Dunn.

“We’ve been serving generations.

“We’ve had a great time in here, it’s been smashing.”

And the keen crafter has never thought of selling up or changing direction.

“I’ve always wanted to do it,” said Ms Dunn.

“I’ve loved it from the very first day I started.”

According to the trader the market has been able to keep up with changing styles of shopping, with new generations of shoppers being attracted by the stalls on offer.

“There’s a lot of different stalls now, things change,” she said.

“Shopping is different to what it used to be, but we are getting younger-age groups of people in.

“It used to be the older people, but younger people are coming in to shop because the stalls have updated and modernised.”