OPENED by The Queen in 1971 and at cost of £600,000, Barrow's Indoor Market has been a staple of the town for 50 years.

Packed with dozens of unique businesses, it has been home to hundreds of entrepreneurs over five decades.

Shopping habits have changed drastically over that time but the market is as strong now as it has ever been.

Celebrations have been taking place all week and will finishing with a bang on Saturday.

Traders will be dressed in their grooviest 70’s outfits, a traditional carousel ride will be returning outside from 10am and there will be delicious oven fried pizzas to try.

Jacqui Armstrong, admin assistant at the market hall, said she was ecstatic to be a part of the 50th golden celebrations.

“It’s hard to put into words," she said.

"We are proud, very proud to be a part of this special moment in history for the market.

“We are absolutely thrilled and ecstatic.

"We have already had a great couple of days with performances from the songsmiths who have created a great atmosphere in the market and put a smile on everybody faces, it’s been really good fun.”

Being one of the largest indoor markets in Cumbria, it has certainly stood the test of time and is a wonderful place to shop with family and friends.

It has an amazing choice of products and fresh quality produce on sale and traders who are some of the friendliest people you can meet.

Jacqui said: “The traders need something to lift them after a challenging 15 months in lockdown.

“We’ve all remained positive. We supported the traders right through the lockdown and we just focussed on reopening, we tried not to think about being closed we just turned it around and said were going to get ready and use this time positively to welcome traders and customers back.

“We were still coming into work and we used that opportunity well, we had a good clear out and deep cleaned the market. We painted the market hall and all the vacant stalls so there was a fresh new look for when we reopened.”

The market is open from 10am today and Saturday.

Jacqui added: “Let’s keep the market going for at least another 50 years so future generations can enjoy a real shopping experience and support our hard-working independent traders and local economy.

“A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who have been great supporters of the market hall over the years and to our many loyal customers."