READERS have weighed in with their opinions after a fast food giant has revealed when delayed building work will begin on its upcoming restaurant.

Plans to open a McDonald’s at Oubas Hill in Ulverston have been in the works for more than two years after a number of delays.

However, bosses have revealed the fast-food giant is pressing ahead with plans to open a new restaurant next to the Booths supermarket despite the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

McDonald’s chiefs had previously revealed the site would be set to open before mid-2020 after they were given the green light by South Lakeland District Council’s planning committee in June 2019.

This is what our readers had to say:

Pete Birtles-Smith said: “I think this is such great news, it could really put Ulverston on the map and get more people stopping there. I will definitely visit on my way out to the motorway to pick up a coffee, whereas before I would just drive straight through.”

Eddy Quirk said: “That will ruin a perfectly good old-fashioned market town.”

Nurten Eren McCracken said: “Watch 'Hungry for Change' first then decide do we need more fast food restaurants in our lives?”

Pam Edmondson said: “How on earth has Ulverston managed to be a thriving market town for all these years without a McDonald's?”

Diane Hardy said: “Then the roundabout will be blocked just like Barrow when it opens... that will be fun. Not!”

Victoria Georgina Fryer said: “People stopping at McDonald’s just to use the drive-through isn’t going to benefit Ulverston except to cause more traffic. People stopping to go to McDonald’s for lunch aren’t really going to walk up to town from there... so other than benefitting McDonald’s itself, I’m not sure how it will benefit Ulverston.

"Sure, a few people may spend a little more time in Ulverston because of it, but Ulverston pulls in people because it’s a market town and has independent cafés. If you go to McDonald’s, you’ll miss all that, and most people will just stop, park, eat and drive on.”