A READER believes residents should not be pressured into receiving their Covid-19 vaccine.

With three in every 100 people aged 50 and over in Barrow yet to receive their first dose, Jonny Falloon says it is up to the individual.

He said: "Why should it be a concern?

"The vaccinated can still pass and transmit the virus.

"If an over 50 doesn’t want the vaccine it’s no one else’s business but their own!"

However, Gill Jepson disagreed with Mr Falloon's comments and is adamant the vaccine will save lives.

She said: "It does reduce transmission and makes the effect of the illness less virulent!

"But yeah who cares about other people?"

Paul Lindsay explained that the vaccine can stop people becoming 'seriously ill' if they contract Covid-19.

He said: "The vaccine doesn't stop you catching Covid nor spreading it. It's just designed to stop you becoming seriously ill.

"Much like the annual flu jab."

Another reader said: "97 per cent of people over fifty have been vaccinated and that sounds pretty good.

"There will be some who can't have it for medical reasons and then a few who have become enlightened through social media."

Currently, three-quarters of the adult population across England have had their first dose, while more than half are fully vaccinated.

But figures suggest there is still hesitancy amongst over-50s in some areas.

People aged 50 and over have been invited to book their first jab through the NHS since March 17.

But NHS England data shows that, in Barrow, 963 people aged 50 and over had still to receive a first vaccination dose as of May 30.

This figure constitutes ​3 per cent of the age group, based on latest population estimates from the Office for National Statistics.