TOWNS across the South Lakes are set for new CCTV cameras as part of a countywide scheme to help police tackle crime.

Ulverston is set for three new cameras, while Ambleside is set for one and Windermere has already seen four more cameras installed during the second phase of the programme.

Barrow saw thirteen cameras installed during phase one.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, visited Kendal recently to hear about the interventions that have already occurred as a result of the installation in the town.

“People have to feel safe in the area they live and the additional coverage to the existing network of CCTV cameras here in Kendal provides reassurance to local people that the police are monitoring anti-social behaviour and its consequences,” he said.

“As more additional officers are deployed in our local towns and communities as part of Operation Uplift and our work with the local councils to install further CCTV cameras continues, crime and anti-social behaviour will be dealt with quicker and hopefully reduce with criminals knowing that they will be on camera.”