END Of the road for the old Doctors surgery in Dalton as plans to convert the property into two flats will be met with concerns over both flooding and parking.

Barrow bough councils planning committee are being asked to approve the conversion of the old Doctors surgery at 18 Nelson Street in Dalton. The detached property is two storeys in height with developed roof space featuring a front dormer window. The upper floors are in residential use, whilst the ground floor was last used as a Doctors surgery prior to closure.

The councils case officer, Barry Jesson, is expected to make the recommendations to approve the conversion, at the town council’s planning meeting on June 15, which will be chaired by An Thomson, the leader of Barrow borough council.

The committee will hear the impact on existing parking and the loss of a Doctors' services to the local community.

Cumbria county council, although not objecting has written to advise; 'that the property is close to Harlock and Poaka Beck reservoirs and the applicant, Mr B Crossley, should contact them for advise on flooding first.'

Objections will also be heard from the Environment agency, who have written to Barrow’s planning committee saying: “In the absence of a flood risk assessment, we will object to this application and recommend that planning permission is refused, unless the applicant submits a flood assessment first. The flood risks posed by the development is unknown. This is sufficient reason for refusing planning permission."

The report says that back in 2013, when the surgery closed, the NHS wrote to the council to defend its closure and the loss of the service to the community. They said: “Over a two year period, attempts to recruit partner GP's to keep the Practice running took place, unfortunately this did not result in any long term agreement. This was followed by negotiations with NHS England but they declined to help in continuing the practice citing 'national policy,' which is to combine GPs in health centres with multidisciplinary health & social care providers offering a 'one stop shop' for the convenience of the public, this could not be achieved at the Nelson Street surgery. In addition there was another GP surgery in Market St Dalton, just 200 metres away able to fulfil the 'one stop shop' criteria. From this point onward, it was clear that the Nelson Street practice no longer fulfilled NHS England requirements and they assisted in the closure of the surgery, which occurred in 2015. All of the patients were registered with other local GPs.”

The councils case officer, Barry Jesson will recommend that planning permission be granted subject to conditions, that the development must begin within the next three year.