BARROW has been chosen as one of six areas in England to launch an immersive sound walk to take listeners on a journey of discovery.

The hidden histories of Duke Street will be uncovered in an audio file spotlighting the anecdotal past of Barrow's high street action zone.

Historic England is working with the National Trust and Sound UK to launch a series of sound walks in six high streets across England during Heritage Open Days, from September 10 to 19.

Each sound walk will be a distinctive, immersive soundscape to take listeners on a journey of discovery.

The walks will bring hidden histories and stories to life, helping people to see their high street in a new light.

Listeners will take a self-guided route, supported by an illustrated map created by artists for each place.

The walks will encourage people to slow down, pause and reflect, and experience their environment in a new way.

Dan Fox, director of Sound Intervention, is leading the programme in Barrow, which will be produced in association with Full of Noises. In the downloadable audio file, he will explore the changes the town has witnessed such as when Barrow’s high street had 12,000 ship workers descend on it at lunchtime.

Listeners will explore the landmarks of work and play on the high street including iconic shops, businesses and the clubs of Cornwallis Street, alongside civic events like cycle races, and the centenary of the town hall.

He said: "The audio will concentrate on the high street action zone which is from Barrow Library, down Duke Street to Barrow Town Hall.

"It's a mixture of new and archived material. There'll be interviews with people who run businesses on Duke Street currently as well as archive material from business-owners in the 70s.

"There'll also be interviews from musicians who were a part of the night club scene on Duke Street before they closed down.

"The audio file will also touch on the centenary of Barrow Town Hall.

"Whilst listeners are walking down Duke Street, they can hear anecdotes and learn a bit of history about the street but also listen to current business owners who work on the street .

"I hope it encourages people to come into the town and learn a bit more about its history and where we are now.

"People can learn a bit more about the anecdotal history that might not know about and be reminded of it each time they walk down Duke Street."