REPORTS that the end of lockdown could be delayed by two weeks has sparked reaction among Mail readers.

A delay to the planned easing of restrictions in England on June 21 is reportedly being considered after the number of people in the country with Covid-19 rose by 75 per cent.

Multiple reports have also suggested plans to lift restrictions could be scaled down, with social distancing and the wearing of face coverings set to continue amid concerns the Indian variant is fuelling a surge in cases.

On Friday the UK recorded its highest number of new confirmed coronavirus cases – 6,238 – since late March, according to official figures.

Mail readers responded on social media to the prospect of a delay to England coming out of lockdown as planned in two weeks’ time.

Greg Rose said: “Absolutely pointless. The virus is here to stay, but life needs to go on.

“Lockdowns work but they’re not sustainable every few months.”

Tania Dermody said: “Just let us get back to normal. There are more problems with mental health and other illnesses.”

Matthew Murray said: “Life needs to back to normal eventually – there will always be new variants and cases will always rise as restrictions are eased.”

Julie Clarke said: “Two weeks is no big deal after all this time.

“Hopefully it will bide us time to get more vaccinated.

“Let’s finish what’s been started.”

Shelly Kendall questioned the decision making, saying: “Why are we still focusing on cases?

“Surely with the Government celebrating their massively successful vaccination programme, we should be monitoring surges in hospital cases?

“Considering the vaccine was our answer to freedom and protecting us from developing serious complications that require hospital treatment, would hospitalisation not be more indicative data of a need to delay release?”

Rachael Fisher said: “I just want to know who I can invite to my wedding please.”