ISSUES of anti-social behaviour, littering, and fighter kite flying are being addressed by police in Swarthmoor and Low Furness.

This comes after a number of incidents in the last month where police have continued to deal with further incidents of antisocial behaviour and neighbour disputes.

PCSO Helen Madden said: “Additional patrols have been carried out in problem areas.

“Please note disputes over landownership and boundaries are a civil matter. Advice regarding this can be obtained from Citizens Advice.”

Finley Abbot said: “Low Furness twinned with The Bronx.”

Mary Simmons said: “What are fighter kites?”

Nina Bellington said: “Popular in parts of Asia, kite fighting is a traditional pastime involving single-string kites where directional control is attained by changing pressure on this single line. The game is to detach the opponents kite from its string (often involving the use of glass or blades on the line immediately below the kite itself). They are traditional simple square kites easily made using a split cane and a bin bag – good fun, and used in a considerate manner present little problem (keep away from others using the shore, collect any waste/damaged kites (once untethered they don’t usually go far). Just a bit of good sense and consideration of others and the job’s right.”

Taylor Silk said: “Kite flying not allowed? What nonsense is this?”

Callum Lad said: “Unbelievable. What has this country come to? It’s such a strange warning.”