PRISON inmates have joined forces with a residents group to repair a damaged footpath.

Inmates of Haverigg prison have teamed up with members of a Walney Island residents' group to repair a damaged footpath on Biggar Bank.

The inmates went to work with spades, rakes and a mountain of aggregate as part of the prison's community party scheme.

The path repairs are part of a long-term project by the Better Biggar Bank Community Group - which was formed in 2019 with the aim of sprucing up the area.

The Covid pandemic has placed limitations on activities, but over the past three years improvements have included the installation of rock-armour sea defences at Thorney Nook, revised waste bin collection times to reduce litter; implementation of traffic-calming measures on Biggar Bank Road, the start of work to address flooding on Thorney Nook Lane and the installation of picnic tables and numerous litter-picks.

Another boost was the independent re-opening of the Roundhouse as a buzzing cafe and hub.

But the well-used footpath that extends from near the Roundhouse to almost Thorney Nook was always on the group's improvements list and on Tuesday the HMP Haverigg community party went to work.

Group chair Nancy McKinnell said: “We have seen more people than ever using and appreciating Biggar Bank during the pandemic.

"We look forward to seeing more residents and visitors being able to use the path more safely and we look to Barrow Borough Council to prioritise further improvements in particular new seagull proof bins.

“Thanks must also go to the many people who contributed to the fund – which highlights the value people place on the area.We collectively hope to continue to improve the area for the benefit of all.”

Group member and South Walney Labour councillor Frank Cassidy said: “The lads from the prison have worked really hard to spread the aggregate along the path. I just hope they enjoyed the meat-and-potato pies we bought them for dinner.”