READERS have shared their experience of speedy drivers in reaction to news that a 20mph speed limit will be introduced to a problem area.

Residents in Broughton have finally had their prayers for the speed limit answered after long-running issues in the area. Residents have been plagued with incidents of dangerous riving and overtaking in the town-centre.

This is what The Mail readers had to say about the changes.

Matt Ryder said: “A complete joke the driving of some people – and don’t get me started on those popping exhausts.”

Tony Moon said: “Risedale Road is a 20mph limit but like a race track.”

Karen Barnes said: “Flass Lane is horrendous.”

Joe Jefferson said: “Come down Holker Street, it's like a speedtrack at times.”

Ellis Conway said: “Newton Road in Dalton is a joke.”

Ask Krank said: “What about Leece, Gleaston and Urswick? It’s like a racetrack.”

Mary on Saturday said: “Waste of time. Dalton has had a 20mph speed limit for years, most drivers totally ignore it.”

Barrow Lad said: “Again why do these people persist in the hope that will have any effect? A huge number of drivers are killers in waiting, coming in all age ranges, gender and economic background.”

Resident and county councillor for the area Matt Brereton said: “The community has long been calling for a reduction in speed limits through Broughton to 20mph, which thanks to a long-running consultation and the hard work of local campaigners is finally being introduced in just a few weeks’ time.”