A LAKE District school was forced into a partial closure this week.

Due to Covid-19, schoolchildren in Years 3 and 4 at Ambleside Church of England Primary School did not attend classes at the school during the whole week.

It was caused by one pupil testing positive for the virus last weekend.

In total, 24 children were affected by the closure.

Additionally, two members of staff remained away from the school.

With the school entering half-term next week, it is hoped the pupils can return to class ahead of their return on Monday 7 June.

School administrator Carolyn Meneaud has said there has been no spread caused by the positive case.

Mrs Meneaud explained: "As far as we are aware we have had no further spread.

"The measures we have got in place at the school are excellent.

"We have only ever had three positive cases at the school.

"There was two last year and one this year, and as far as we are aware they have never spread.

"Three has been separate incidents and they have all been contained."

Previously, pupils in Year 5 and 6, as well as Year 1 and 2 classes were affected by positive coronavirus cases.

Mrs Meneaud believes the school's reaction to these positive tests has provided confidence to parents.