A ‘CATASTROPHIC set of circumstances’ led to a man assaulting his wife, a court has heard.

Alistair Goodwin admitted that he assaulted his wife when he appeared at South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court.

The 57-year-old defendant, of Swiss Villas in Ambleside, kicked out at her leg following an argument between the pair, the court was told.

A judge heard that Goodwin had been attempting to call the police during the argument between the married couple of 13 years when his wife attempted to take the phone from him.

Prosecutor Peter Kelly said: “The parties were at home.

“The complainant had a glass of wine. Her husband was also consuming alcohol.

“The topic of conversation turned to something she didn’t wish to discuss. She left to go to another part of the house.

“She then tried to engage him about the matter and resolve the situation.

“She tried to leave to return back upstairs. While she was leaving the defendant has kicked out at her leg and made contact with her right calf.”

Mr Kelly said the defendant told police he had been ‘verbally threatened’ by his wife and was trying to call the police to stop the argument ‘escalating’ when he assaulted her.

Solicitor Suzanne Kavanagh said in mitigation: “It’s a very sad set of circumstances and potentially the end of a marriage.

“Both parties accept they had a drink. Mr Goodwin accepts he had a bottle of wine.”

She said the defendant’s mother had been ill and he had been ‘using alcohol to help him through stress’.

She added: “It’s a catastrophic set of circumstances that has led to them having repeated arguments.

“When he felt the argument was escalating, he called 999.”

Ms Kavanagh said Goodwin would not have lashed out if he had not been drinking.

“He accepts in the circumstances violence wasn’t appropriate or justified,” she said.

The incident happened at the couple’s home in Greenside, Kendal, on February 19, the court was told.

District judge John Temperley sentenced the defendant to a 12-month conditional discharge.

He told Goodwin, who had no previous convictions before coming to court: “It’s regrettable that a man of your age appears before a court like this.

“This will be a reminder that your behaviour has to improve.”