DEVELOPERS planning to build 23 new homes in Askam will not be asked to contribute to extend a GP surgery.

Plans to build the development, at Lots Road, have been given the green light.

Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group had requested a contribution of £6,431 towards the extension of The Askam & Dalton GP Surgery.

The group said the proposal would generate approximately 56 new patient registrations based on average household size.

But Barrow Council case officer Charles Wilton said: “There is no evidence in this project to ask for big contributions from the developer but financial contributions for a traffic calming scheme is welcomed. We cannot require contributions for big schemes but my recommendation is we approved this project.”

Cllr Daniel Edwards, who represents Dalton North, was worried about the impact of the scheme. He said: “I have concerns about the proximity of the development by the village school.

“There are ongoing issues with dropping off kids at school with a big developments going on so close to the school. Is traffic going to be going one way?”

On the direction of traffic, Mr Wilton advised there is a requirement for a ‘construction management plan,’ which controls hours of delivery during the construction phase along with which direction they travel in.

He said: “This coincides with peak muster points at the school. The county council have a traffic-calming scheme and this extends out from the current urban speed limit.

“This development has been designed so all access is from the estate road, which allows traffic to contract, rather than having lots of cars reversing from individual driveways. However, there are no details yet for additional traffic calming by the highways authority but it does say they will be happening in Askam.”

Barrow town council’s planning committee heard three affordable units are part of the planned construction.