THE Mail readers have given their view after another high street store has announced its departure from Barrow.

The Pandora store, based in Portland Walk will shut next month after five years of trading in Barrow’s town centre.

In a post shared online, the chain announced that it will close its doors for the final time on Wednesday, June 30.

It is of a number of businesses to leave the area.

We asked our readers if they would miss the jewellery store.

Helen Carter said: “Not really, but it's yet another empty shop — no wonder people don’t go town much.”

Leisa Walker-Denmark said: “Is this really a surprise? Town is diabolical. No footfall in town, won’t be long before we have no shops at all.”

Pam Burton Eldon said: “And another one bites the dust. Barrow is going to be a ghost town at this rate.”

Scott Robinson said: “Busy shops don’t close, for those that are crying about another shop closing.”

Teresa Lomas said: “Sorry to hear this and the staff losing their jobs. The shop is franchised..”

Anne Rushton said: “No not really.”

Anne Morris Coward said: “Another one.”

Gary Bridgens said: “Never forget this is a national, if not global issue. All town centres are experiencing this devastation, not just Barrow. What’s important is how we deal with the issue and manage the evolution of our town centre.”

Dan Martin said: “Maybe a charity shop or a hairdressers could fill the space?”

Helen Williams said: “What’s left ??”

Vanessa James said: “Just be internet shopping soon.”

Esther Mary Warriner said: “Another one bites the dust. When will it end?”

Furness Abbot said: “Barrow gets better and better.”

ASD223 said: “Why Pandora opened is Barrow is anyone’s guess. Not surprising news really. Next will be Goldsmiths & Clarks.”

Pete peeps said: “It won't be long until the charity shops also start deserting this sinking ship of town.”