THE Mail readers have had their say after a row of saplings was accidentally mowed down by council contractors.

The trees had been planted closer to the hedge line near Coronation Drive in Dalton to avoid damage.

But it is believed protective plastic and growing stake had been removed leading to contractors mowing the whole area.

Barrow Borough Council issued an apology, saying that the saplings will be replaced and replanted "as a matter of priority."

Jonny Procter said: "They were only saplings so barely visible. They were planted with canes and plastic tubes that were ripped out by kids and thrown over the field.

"I don’t see any fault by the council or the contractor!"

Harry Johnson said: "Educating the guy on the mower would be a good start."

Christine Taylor said: "And this is why your council tax cost so much , cost of new trees and labour, because someone didn’t look at what they were doing."

Darryl Bell said: "Make sure people know the difference between grass and a tree?"

Rob Farrer said: "If the four watching had said something!!!"

Georgina Tina Bower said: "Oops."

Furness Abbot said: "It's no j-oak. The mower operator made a r-ash decision whilst the saplings were in plane sight."

Caresaboutbarrow said: "There was no Council tax involved in this. The trees were donated by the Woodland Trust and were planted by Furness Rotary club volunteers."

Phil Conway said: "Who's paying for the replacements?"

Alfred Mcdonald said: "Copeland council strikes again pulling defeat from victory."

Linda Hall said: "The trees were planted near to the hedge to avoid damage! Well obviously that didn’t work .. but are these people not given instructions/directions!

"And are their eyes painted on? Can they not recognise grass from tress .. if they can’t then what are they doing in that job???"