STUDENTS from Walney School have presented their ideas for the Earnse Bay Project to Barrow Borough Council.

This is part of the BrilliantBarrow where the fund that will support a network of community hubs, including a new outdoor centre at Earnse Bay; the development of events and performance spaces will support wellbeing and bring in visitors, as will new cycling and walking infrastructure to allow Barrow to become an active travel town.

The Year 9 students Jasmine Skelton and Natasha Robinson said: "We were first given the challenge to help influence the panel of Brilliant Barrow with our ideas about what we have called 'The Earnse Bay Experience'.

"Miss Ward our teacher explained that Barrow Council need to hear from students in the local community and we couldn't wait to get involved.

"Lorraine, Neil and Simonetta from the council came into our assembly in April and showed us a map of the proposed site and we then decided to go and visit for ourselves!

"We then wrote a brief and made a presentation to show our ideas to the three visitors from the assembly.

"We hope our ideas will get taken on and that one day soon everybody can experience for themselves an amazing and fun place we helped plan!

"We are two Year 9's proud of our community of Barrow and proud of our school on Walney."

A spokeswoman for Walney School said: “The ideas generated by the Year 9 students will look to be considered by council members when the plans are finalised.

“Good luck to our Year 9 group who have presented their ideas to Barrow Borough Council for the Earnse Bay project, which is part of the Town’s Deal funding.

“The group have worked extremely hard and have some innovative ideas for the space.”

IDEAS: Walney School

IDEAS: Walney School

The town laid out its ambitions in #BrilliantBarrow, the title given to its bid to the Government’s Towns Fund with development plans under the themes of regeneration, skills and enterprise, and infrastructure and connectivity.

This bid worked for the town, with Barrow becoming one of the first towns to secure £25 million from the fund which has previously been described as “a pivotal moment for our borough and all those who live and work here” by cllr Ann Thomson, who is the leader of Barrow Borough Council.