A MAN who spent five days and nights searching for his beloved pet dog was reunited thanks to the support of the community.

Colin Clarke from Barrow was walking five-year-old Jack Russell, Rio around Furness Golf Club when she went missing on Wednesday.

Colin’s daughter, Anna, explained that her dad had been out every night until the early hours of the morning as he looked for his pet.

And a Facebook group was set up and big community effort then searched for Rio on the golf course.

Anna said her dad was resigned to never seeing his pooch again, but thankfully, Rio was found on Monday afternoon.

Whilst walking along the footpath parallel to the golf course, resident Dave Gomersall noticed Rio in a bramble bush on the course.

After calling the dog over, Dave realised that it was the missing Rio.

Colin said: “This is honestly the best day of my life,” as he was reunited with Rio, who he has owned since she was a puppy.

Daughter Anna added: “I was shocked by the amount of people that turned up to help, especially with it being windy and raining.

“We looked for hours in the bramble bushes, everywhere you could imagine on that golf course was checked.

“Since looking yesterday with no luck I was at a point of not knowing what could be done next

“She wouldn’t be home if it wasn’t for the help of the community and especially Dave Gomersall.”

Rio was found covered in sand and dirt, Anna said. With cuts on her paws too, Rio will now begin recuperating after a stressful time away from owner Colin.

Anna said: “She’s now at home tucked in up in bed getting some chicken cooker for her.

“Later on, when she has built up a bit of strength, she will be getting a nice, warm bath.”