GRIME-BUSTERS are appealing to residents for information after fly-tippers dumped building waste near a beach on south Walney.

Concrete blocks, bricks, and lumps of pebble-dashing have been tipped down a grassy bank at the bottom of Orion Terrace near the Avon Street allotments – just metres from a foreshore which is a site of special scientific interest.

A letter has been circulated to residents and neighbourhood Labour councillor Frank Cassidy has warned that severe financial penalties can follow if the culprits are prosecuted in court.

He said: “The vast majority of south Walney residents are decent people who act responsibly and care about the environment.

“Some even carry out litter-picks with their mates or with members of their families.

“But there is a minority of ignorant people who seem to think it’s okay to dump waste, damage the environment and potentially cause harm to wildlife.

“This isn’t being done on a whim. These people are deliberately targeting an area at the bottom of the lane near Avon Street allotments and along the beach because they have done it before – sometimes at night – and up to now they have not been brought to book.

“We have some useful information about who the culprits might be, but we hope residents will respond to the letters they are receiving so we can obtain a sharper picture.

“Fly-tipping is not a bit of a lark. It’s a criminal offence that can attract heavy fines. South Walney is a good place to live – largely the streets are okay – but a few bad apples are spoiling the barrel.

“The council will press for prosecutions if we can obtain enough intelligence to take it to the courts.

“I am grateful to Geoff Dowker of the council’s public protection team for circulating the letter to residents.

“Someone, somewhere will know something and we would urge anyone who has information to speak to us. Anonymity is guaranteed.”

Anyone with information about the fly-tipping of household waste on south Walney is asked to call 01229 876366.