BARROW pubs got a much-needed spending boost on Monday, new figures suggest.

Banking firm Revolut analysed the data of its 4,000 customers in Barrow on Monday, comparing it to the average spend for a Monday in February last year before the pandemic began. Barrow drinkers spent more than twice as much on average on Monday than normal, according to the data – knocking back around 85 pints per minute at their peak. The biggest spenders in the area were 18-24 year-old men – which mirrored the national trend – though Revolut said their customers tend to be slightly younger than the national average.

Barrow customers shelled out less per round than others across the country – spending £8.23 per transaction, compared to the average of £12.86 across Britain.

Though one punter did spend a whopping £198.91 in just one purchase in a pub or restaurant.