A READER has called for road improvements in Furness after a poll revealed nearly a fifth of people in Barrow believe transport is an urgent issue.

Now, one reader is adamant that roads such as the A590 and A595 require attention.

They said: "Many of us would also look beyond the borough boundaries to think that good transport services are in need of improvement.

"In addition to the improved internal cycling infrastructure and better road crossings, many residents surveyed would undoubtedly have in mind the still unacceptable A590 (Ulverston bypass, anyone?), the need for A595 improvements and further improvements to rail services between Barrow and the rest of the north-west plus London.

"Don't forget a second crossing to Walney, too, a subject of no importance at all to Cumbria Highways."

With Cumbria County Council launching a consultation focused on transport in the region, there are plans to improve the infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

But one reader said: "Is this Cumbria County Council in a panic in case the county is split up and we in the south of Cumbria would prefer to be part of an authority with Lancaster and South Lakeland? Seems to me that we don't get much from CCC in return for the Rates we pay to them. Everything seems to be concentrated on Carlisle and Eden."

Another reader said: "Improved transport links only work if people don't see the distance from Barrow to Ulverston as something resembling long haul travel!"