Once again, dangerous cargoes have been passing very close to our homes and families without any warning.

At 4.20pm last Friday, May 7, a convoy of Ministry of Defence vehicles including four nuclear warhead carriers was spotted near Lancaster Services travelling north on the M6, and at 6pm, it was seen turning off the motorway heading towards Longtown, having continued its northward journey through Cumbria very close to the many communities living near the motorway.

Such convoys are becoming more and more frequent, but those most likely to be affected are being given little, if any, information about the specific dangers that may result from an accident involving a vehicle carrying nuclear warheads.

At a minimum, we should all be demanding to know, if, and exactly how, we would be protected from the alpha emitting plutonium and uranium particles which could be dispersed if an explosion resulted from an accident involving one of these carriers?

Better still, we should be demanding that the convoys stop altogether.

We do not need nuclear missiles, and we would be safer without them being transported on our local roads.


South Lakeland and Lancaster District CND