A WALNEY man has thanked two teenagers who came to his aid after a fall left with him a head wound.

Malcolm Attard thanked Oliver Davey and Logan Grosvenor at his home on Walney after social media helped track down the two boys.

The 16-year olds called an ambulance and stayed with Mr Attard after he fell while walking his dog near James Dunn Park on Walney.

Mr Attard’s daughter Rachel Denham said: “We really wanted to find who had helped dad and thank them personally.

“Teenagers get a bad rep so it was lovely to know that it had been two teenage boys who had gone out of their way to take care of dad. Thanks to the power of social media we were able to trace them.

Mr Attard said: “I was walking our dog Lexi, I remember seeing two boys coming towards me. I tripped on something and it was a bad fall, I hit my head on something and there was lots of blood.

“The boys were excellent, they stayed with me the whole time and made sure I was ok, ringing the ambulance and checking I was OK while it arrived.

Mr Attard invited the boys to his house to say a personal thank you. He said that since they had got in touch, the pair had been checking in with him every day and had even offered to take his dog for a walk while he was recovering. He presented the boys with an envelope containing a personal thank you for their help.

Logan said: “It was our natural instinct and, I think, common sense to help someone who is injured. It was a bad fall and we just wanted to make sure he was OK.”

Oliver said: “I used to be in the army cadets, so I’ve got some first aid experience. We did what we think anyone would have done in that situation, we’re just glad that he’s OK.”

Mr Attard said: “I don’t believe every teenager would have done the same. They are both a credit to themselves and their families, I can’t thank them enough.”

"I also want to thank the staff and the customers at the Ferry who checked to see if I was OK."