READERS have expressed mixed opinions after Barrow's multi-million-pound Marina Village plan took a step forward.

The scheme has been in the pipeline since 2007 and now a 'scoping report' has been published which has sought the views of relevant organisations ahead of works to get the site ready ahead of marketing it to private investors.

GP Rose said: "This is older than the Morecambe Bay Bridge project."

Stuart Balfour said: "People tend to be sceptical when for more years than they can remember they see grand schemes and plans rolled out and paraded time and time again yet look around the town to see it rotting in front of their eyes. These views aren't changed by keeping making promises making more plans they are changed by actually seeing a scheme or plan done and done well , if anyone would like to point me in the direction of where one of these has happened in the last 30-40 years that would be great."

John Edwards said: "Better to focus on improving upon and building on what we already have than focusing on this pipe dream that has already dragged on for far too long."

Colin David Chatfield said: "Pity our council cant sort out the run down town centre/shops."

Stephen Snell said: "And how much are these houses going to cost? And who in Barrow is going to be able to afford to live in them?"

Dave Probert said: "Stephen Snell why does that matter to you? It will bring money, investment and jobs to the area, all of which are only a positive."

Brian Reed said: "Fancy the people living in this dream village only having Charity shops, fast food outlets and supermarkets to visit."

Nicola Bull said: "Sounds good . Always has but just a dream up to now."

Leon Edgar Oldbury said: "We've had so many excellent plans for Barrow, all of which have run out of money in the consultation stage."

Anne Morris Coward said: "Would be nice ,hope plans come about."

Pauline Rooney said: ""Hope it happens soon."