READERS have weighed in after a row has broken out over a £50,000 project designed to shape the future of Barrow.

The New Constellation project invited 14 council officers and members of the public to explore what the area could become if it fully reflected the potential of its incredible residents, Barrow Council said. Conservative Cllr Martin Mc Leavy, who represents Roosecote, has walked out on the National Lottery-backed project and described it as 'arty-farty and woolly waste of £50,000'.

But council leader Ann Thomson issued a strong defence of the project saying it sought to 'bring a different perspective to the way we look at our present and future.'

This is what our readers had to say:

Michael P Cassells said: "This wasn’t council or government money. The team that facilitated the project applied for a grant to cover costs. It was a gift to the town and an opportunity to get residents involved in making the town better."

Gill Jepson said: "Think the clue is in the tag line “dream”-nothing wrong with that-and lottery funded so not a burden on the council tax payer. Of course Tory policy has no room for aspiration or “arty farty” stuff-they intend slashing 50 per cent of arts and humanities in Unis."

Joseph Murphy said: "Just went to the Barrow constellation website, read the 'about' section and a flashback to a rather intense psychedelic experience I had in 1994!"

Tracy Clarke said: "Finally a Councillor with some backbone."

Joan Stewart said: "Most towns have run down areas."

Harry Johnson said: "Boldest dream to see it as it was 50 years ago."