READERS have hit out after a group of geese were 'ploughed' into in Barrow.

A number of adults and chick were left dead after a driver reportedly 'ploughed' into a group of geese in Wilkie Road.

Mail readers have slammed the incident as 'disgusting'.

Lynne Morgan said: "It’s so sad that someone is in such a rush that they can do this. Poor little things I hope they didn’t suffer."

Michelle Chamberlain said: "We live opposite the res and frequently go to feed the geese and ducks - this is terrible. Maybe council could put some signs up to warn people as they often cross the busy road."

Kathryn Singleton said: "Absolutely vile. Name and shame them."

John Wadsworth said: "How disgusting. I go down to feed them regularly and they are very tame and friendly. No living thing deserves that. I'm sorry to see the demise of a town that was once a decent place to live."

Jacqueline Pratt said: "Cameras would make someone think again anyone who could do this is a real danger to other animals and even people. Horrific act, those poor birds and anyone who knows anything about it and keeps it to themselves is just as bad."

Jean Wilson said: "These people should be ashamed to call themselves human beings."

Jackie Mccarthy said: "Have they been caught yet? They should be punished."

James Coward said: "That's what happens when people with no braincells manage to blag themselves a driving licence."

Rose Campbell said: "Mindless people."