A COMMUNITY has been left shocked and outraged after a family of well-known Barrow geese were ‘ploughed’ into and killed.

The geese were run over on Wednesday night as they crossed Wilkie Road, near Barrow AFC's ground, with several dying as a result.

Feathers and blood stains could be seen on the pavement and road yesterday morning.

A resident, who was passing through the area at around 9:30pm, said the road looked like a ‘murder scene.’

He said about thirteen geese were involved and that police were on scene asking people for information.

“It was like a murder scene; feathers and blood were all over the place,” he said.

“I was coming through and saw a chick running through the streets so I tried to keep it away from traffic. There was a lady who put her gloves on and carried the dead ones to the pavement.”

Elisabeth Ashleigh of Bardsea Bird Sanctuary said residents felt ‘outraged.’

She was notified about the death of the geese soon after it happened.

“People are outraged, they can’t believe it was just an accident,” she said.

“It’s hard to believe this was accidental because geese are big birds and I think it was still light.

“One surviving juvenile was picked up and taken to the vet and the others, sadly, were dead.

“Geese make wonderful parents.

"They’re absolutely devoted.

"They’re such a close family and they are so innocent.

“And for their lives to be snuffed out like this is awful.

“And it seems to happen each year.”

A similar incident occurred in 2019 nearby in Holker Street when a motorist reportedly ran over a family of the birds.

Ms Ashleigh said she was approached by Barrow Borough Council who asked if she would like to deal with the bodies of the geese.

She declined and suggested they be buried with a memorial above the grave in Barrow Park.

“I think there ought to be a fitting memorial for them in the park," she said.

A Cumbria Constabulary spokeswoman said: “An officer was stopped by a member of the public at 9:40pm May 12 to a report that several geese were hit by a vehicle.

“A vet was also called to the incident.”

Anyone who may have seen the incident or has any information should contact police on 101 quoting log 226 of May 12, 2021.