THREE-quarters of Barrow families own their own home, figures reveal.

Office for National Statistics data estimates that 74.6 per cent of households in Barrow were owners-occupiers in 2019 – the latest available figures.

And more homeowners are living mortgage-free – 40.7 per cent in 2019, compared to 38 per cent seven years before.

Across England, an average of 65.7 per cent of families owned their own homes in 2019, up fractionally from 65.4 per cent seven years before.

PricedOut director Anya Martin said: "Housing costs are the major driver of inequality between the generations, and it is damaging young peoples' futures. The main barrier to homeownership is that we have been failing to build enough homes in this country for decades, resulting in rising prices. We have one of the most restrictive planning systems in the world. If we want cheaper homes, we must build more of them."