FIREFIGHTERS spent a combined total of nine hours tackling two major fires in one day, including at Kimberly-Clark.

Crews were called to the factory in Barrow's Park Road after dust from machinery led to a a fire in a machine.

Firefighters spent a total of six hours at the site, helping to extinguish the blaze and stop it spreading across the factory.

Later that day crews were called to a fire onboard a boat used to service Barrow's offshore windfarm.

Crews on another boat saw smoke coming from the docked vessel.

Cumbria Fire and Rescue group manager Jon Griffiths said crews were called to Kimberly-Clark at around 9am on Sunday.

It followed a fire that was put by staff on the site but had been found to have spread into the roof of the building.

He said production at the factory, which supplies the country with Andrex toilet tissue and Kleenex facial tissue, had to be temporarily halted.

"There was a small fire extinguished by the firefighting team on site.

"But dust deposits in the roof space ignited.

"There was potential for it to spread across and cause further damage to the building, which would have knocked production."

He said crews were forced to contend with 'really hot, humid conditions' and were battling for water pressure using a hose reel to target a fire in a space 'four of five times' higher than a house.

At around 7pm firefighters were called to Ramsey Way in Barrow to another fire, this time on a boat.

They used water to extinguish the remnants of the blaze and were there for three hours in total.

Firefighters are due to visit the boat along with insurers to investigate the cause of the fire, Mr Griffiths said.

Summing up the day, Mr Griffiths said: "It just shows the wide breadth of incident the fire service have to respond to."

A police investigation has been launched following another fire on the day.

A burning quad bike was found at Roose Railway, seemingly thrown from the bridge.