READERS have reacted to the proposal of a new set of cycle lanes in Barrow.

The plans, which aim to improve the infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians are part of a potential £886,000 grant from the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund.

Barrow along with Kendal and Carlisle is one of the first towns to undergo consultation for the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans.

Improvements for both cyclists and pedestrians are proposed for Bridge Road, Michaelson Road, Abbey Road, Roose Road and Walney Road.

GP Rose said: “Park Road is excellent for cyclists up until the turning for the bypass, then it’s grit your teeth and hope for the best.”

Mark Currie said: “New cycle paths is a great idea and good for the environment. Cycling encourages a good healthy lifestyle opposed to driving everywhere.”

Jayne Smith said: “They don’t use the ones they have! They just ride on the pavement. I’ve shouted at a few of them for this.”

Stephen Snell said: “We the public DO NOT WANT new cycleways. We want our roads repaired and our pavements made safe to walk on without fear of tripping. Have the people behind this mad idea even been around Barrow? If they have money to throw around repair what's already there.”

Jamie Wilson said: “Greengate Street is brilliant for cyclists - apart from the fact they’d rather stay on the road and hold up traffic rather than use the cycle lanes on the pavement.”