READERS have had their say after an investigation has been launched into a major fire which took place in the Barrow town centre.

Seven fire crews were called to a building in Barrow’s Duke Street on Thursday, spending two hours tackling the blaze which had spread through the unused building.

Smoke was seen coming from the rear of the building, which houses the disused Antalya takeaway at the front.

People in the neighbouring buildings and businesses were told to evacuate in case smoke spread, station manager Roger Exley said.

The fire boss, who described the incident as ‘high risk’, said a blaze had started in the ground floor and burnt upwards to the first floor.

Several pieces of furniture were said to have been on fire in the building.

A joint investigation between the fire service and the police is due to examine how the fire started.

This is what our readers had to say:

Kirsttlouise Gillam said: "Isn't it owned by the council and the police were hanging round it week or so ago. All parked up behind it. And then now there's been a fire. Something doesn't quite add up does it! I hope they find out what caused it."

Carol Ann Fleming said: "I hope Barrow isn't losing another building."

Gail Yates said: "Been a few fires in town over the year's with lots of dodgy questions."

Phil Rhodes said: "Probably a disgruntled customer."

Shaen Campbell said: "Insurance claim."

Dave Caldwell said: "All about the insurance claim."