A WOMAN is ‘scared to go outside alone’ after a stranger performed a sex act in front of her whilst walking home.

The 21-year-old was walking along Mill Lane in Walney at around 5.45pm on Sunday when she was approached by a stranger.

The woman was nearly back home when she spotted a man who had a ‘weird vibe’ about him, so decided to divert from her usual route and walk down Trent Vale.

She said: “I was going to go down Trent Vale when he’d gone round to the front of a house, so I assumed he lived there.

“He made out as if he was going to the back gate.”

It was here the stranger began performing a sexual act in front of the woman.

She said: “He was about two metres away and said do you want £20?

“I said no, then looked over my shoulder and heard him drop his trousers.

"I saw he was exposing himself so I sped up, turned the corner and legged it home.

“I kept thinking is he following me? I’ve got to get home and contact the police.”

The woman said she was ‘shocked’ the man could act in this manner in broad daylight.

“I had no idea what his intentions were so obviously I was really freaked out,” she said.

“It’s atrocious.

“It’s worrying and shocking that this sort of behaviour is happening especially to you and so close to home.

“I’ve heard about things like this happening, but you never expect it to happen to you.”

The woman described the stranger as white, in his late 30s, around five foot ten in height with slightly grey stubble.

He was also wearing a green jumper, full length trousers, a dark baseball cap and sunglasses.

The woman used to go on daily walks around Walney but now feels ‘unsafe’ leaving the house on her own.

She said: “I used to go out walking everyday on my own around Walney but I feel like I can’t go out now.

“I feel really unsafe and unnerved. It’s put me off going outdoors on my own.”

Police have launched an investigation into the incident, as well as another incident of indecent exposure and voyeurism which occurred in Walney.

One of the incidents took place on Earnse Bay, near the caravan park, between 5.50pm and 8.30pm on Sunday.

It was reported that the offender was naked on the beach and approached two females.

Officers are keen to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the incidents.

A spokesman said: “Incidents such as these are rare and officers are making inquiries to establish the circumstances and trace the suspect.

“Anyone with information is encouraged to contact police on 101 quoting incident number 144 and 179 of May 9.

“Alternatively, you can call the independent charity Crimestoppers, completely anonymously, on 0800 555 111.”